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Big Brother Naija All Stars: “There’s no ship in the house, It’s all strategy”- Pere tells Kim Oprah.

Pere Egbi, a controversial reality TV star, admitted during a conversation with Kim Oprah that every move made in the house was a calculated one.

Pere stated to Kim, Oprah, and Prince this afternoon that he believes the four new roommates who joined them on Sunday’s live eviction are there for a purpose.

Kim Oprah reacted to what Pere said by asking what mission she believed they might be on.

Kim mentioned that some of the residents are in a ship and said that the ship cannot capsize.

Pere retorted that there isn’t a ship in the home because everything is just a plan.

The sailing ships inside the house were mentioned by Kim Oprah, who disagreed with his views. Adekunle, Venita (Adenita), Angel, and Soma (Somgel) were mentioned.

She continued by saying that the ships he said were part of his strategy are getting stronger and more connected to one another.

View their conversations below;

Pere:I feels you are here on a mission.(Kim and Prince)

Kim: what mission can we be possibly on? you people are already crazyy, ships in here can’t be capsized.

Pere:There is no ship here

Kim: Venita and Adekunle, Soma and Angel

Pere: it’s a strategy

Kim: But still,they stocked together like glue 😂

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