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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Whitemoney Allegedly Plotting Hate Against CeeC

Whitemoney’s talk of CeeC showed his feelings toward her, and viewers was shocked to witness him change from admiration to hatred of her.

Even while it might be motivated by hurt rather than malice, his bad feelings toward her are nonetheless manifested in his actions.

He has repeatedly criticized CeeC for being overbearing and domineering, and has even attempted to isolate her as a result of her actions.

It would have been a terrible thing to happen to anyone to experience emotional and mental isolation in such a small area since it would have harmed their mental health.

Since CeeC and Ike have grown close, it appears that Whitemoney is still determined to carry out his original nefarious plan.

Ike and him had a talk in which he described the qualities of a man and criticized Ike’s actions.

He claims that Ike is not acting like a typical Igbo guy since he allows some of the female housemates to take advantage of him.

Ike is asked to step up and be the man of the house after he issues a warning about it.

Fans have generally expressed disdain in their responses to this discussion, claiming that CeeC was the reason why he made the statements.

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