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Cross and Doyin’s move from HoH competitors to now finding themselves supporting each other in unexpected ways.

In an interesting turn of events, Cross and Doyin, who stood as fierce competitors for the head of house title, have now evolved into a remarkable alliance, with Cross becoming Doyin’s most fervent supporter.

This week’s HoH game pitted Cross and Doyin against each other in what would be a pivotal showdown. Cross, known for his competitive spirit, declared the challenge as the most gruelling he had ever encountered.

The intensity that one saw during the competition was only a fraction of the mental turmoil that Cross experienced.

He divulged a well-kept secret – the inner struggle he underwent, torn between fighting for his friends and the option of surrendering.

Complicating this internal battle were the persistent pleas from Doyin, urging Cross to relinquish his position and let her have the HoH privilege.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, her appeals were taking a toll on him, exacerbating the “holes in his heart.” Despite his resolve to endure, Doyin’s unwavering requests eventually wore down Cross’ resistance, leading him to yield and grant her the coveted HoH title.

This act of conceding to her desires garnered Doyin a newfound level of respect from Cross.

In a remarkable twist, Cross has now assumed the role of Concept and Talent Manager for the upcoming week’s wager task.

This task entails the creation of an original Afrobeat song and an accompanying skit, with music as the central theme. Cross demonstrated his vigour for the task by categorising his fellow housemates according to their respective responsibilities.

He has taken upon himself the responsibility of ensuring a seamless experience during Doyin’s reign.

Cross’s proactive involvement in the task has not gone unnoticed. In a conversation with Biggie, he expressed optimism about the team’s progress and their commitment to successfully completing the challenge.

The question that arises now is whether this newfound camaraderie will endure beyond Doyin’s reign or fizzle out once the task is completed. Can this unexpected partnership withstand the test of time and the ever-shifting dynamics within the house?

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