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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Cross says Ilebaye manipulated her

The ever-turbulent All Stars house is reaching fever pitch as Cross decided to open up to KimOprah about his suspicions regarding Ilebaye’s manipulative tactics.

This revelation came on the heels of a recent controversy surrounding the volume of their Afrobeat song, which sent shockwaves through the house. Neoenergy even weighed in, affirming Cross’ observations and suggesting that Ilebaye had successfully baited Whitemoney into a reaction.

The conversation with Neoenergy and Soma only served to fuel Cross’ belief that Ilebaye was indeed playing a game of manipulation.

In another private chat, Cross expressed his disappointment in himself for allowing a 22-year-old to pull his strings.

Doyin, sharing Cross’ sentiments, revealed that she too had been manipulated by Ilebaye, prompting her to question her own judgment.

In a candid discussion with KimOprah, Doyin voiced her frustration at Ilebaye’s behaviour towards Whitemoney, suggesting that anyone would be angered by such antics.

KimOprah, on her part, urged her fellow housemates to stop discussing Ilebaye and not to fall for any victim-playing tactics.

However, it was evident that Cross, Doyin, and Whitemoney had fallen prey to Ilebaye’s alleged manipulations.

Cross, during his conversation with KimOprah, couldn’t hide his disappointment.

He questioned how she would feel if she discovered that she had been deliberately manipulated. “You don’t know how it feels,” he said.

When KimOprah pressed for details, Cross chose to keep the specifics under wraps, promising to discuss the matter outside the house.

He concluded that even if Ilebaye were to win the game, she would not escape the consequences on the outside.

The big question that remains is whether more All Stars will step forward with their own experiences of alleged manipulation by the Gen Z baddie

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