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Big Brother Naija All Stars: High stakes and forgiveness, could they be faking it?

As per the norm, housemates had 500 Moniepoint Coins each in their kitty and as they took turns in the diary room, Big Brother took the chance to tackle some burning issues with Ceec, HoH Cross, Ilebaye and Venita.

Forgiven but not forgotten
Head of house Cross was the first of the All Stars in the diary room to make his stake, and as the leader of the pack, he went all in.

When he was done, Big Brother asked him about the argument he had with Venita as Biggie did with Venita, who had far more to say than Cross.

She mentioned that Cross’s lack of confidence in this week’s wager victory is showing, adding that Cross had taken out his anger on her during their altercation.

Biggie warned Venita to be careful of her words in the heat of the moment because once said, they can be forgiven but not forgotten.

Venita took this advice to heart and sought Cross out after her diary session to talk it out. When they had a sit-down, Venita aired her thoughts, saying she didn’t like what he did to her and wasn’t sure how genuine his apology is. All in all, she apologised for being mean to him.

Watch Cross and Venita’s clash

Similarly, the issue between Ceec and Ilebaye also came up in the diary room. Biggie heard from Ilebaye concerning her altercation with Ceec which started from abuse of her makeup foundation to the kissing of Doyin’s framed picture on the All Stars memory wall.

When recounting her part, Ilebaye said she wasn’t aware that the foundation she used belonged to Ceec.

She also brought up the fact that she made an attempt to talk it out with Ceec but Ceec wasn’t open to it.

For Ceec, her main bone of contention was Ilebaye using the foundation carelessly and lying about it.

In Ceec’s words, “She never owned up to it. She told Biggie that she was being careful not to talk to Ilebaye about their issues, especially as she was still upset.

On the matter of cleaning Ilebaye’s kisses from Doyin’s photo, Ceec agreed that now that she thinks about it, it seems some kind of way.

Ceec and Ilebaye later had a conversation and it would seem as though they made a truce, but time will tell.

Watch Ilebaye picture kiss wahala

In the Big Brother Naija All Stars house where personalities are different and clashes are inevitable, it is important for the housemates to find a way to resolve their issues and maintain a peaceful environment by communicating in a mature way, and Biggie’s intervention today might be just what the All Stars needed.

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