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Big Brother Naija All Stars: How Cross took the All Stars house by storm during his impromptu one-man concert.

Everything started out innocently enough: Cross, a finalist on Big Brother Naija All Stars, was idly bopping to the music while Biggie’s playlist played in the background and he was preoccupied in the kitchen.

His housemates soon became enthralled by Cross’s rhythmic movements and watched in awe as the show developed.


Cross’s passion grew as the music did. His body swaying, which had first been light, quickly turned into a full-fledged dance and mime show.

Cross then started to scream out the names of his fellow housemates, showering them with accolades and adoring praise in a display of contagious enthusiasm.

The atmosphere in the room was brimming with excitement and positive energy during that time of sheer amusement and passion.

At first, Soma participated in the joy, sharing the dance floor with Cross and taking pleasure in the upbeat environment.

He finally had to leave, though, in order to take care of other things, leaving Cross to continue his solo performance.

Venita, who was also present at this exhibit, couldn’t help but wonder what was causing Cross ‘s ebullience.

Cross solo performance serves as a reminder of how fun and unpredictable the Big Brother Naija All Stars experience can be.

Moments of unadulterated happiness and enjoyment, like this one, are treasured by the residents as well as the watchers in a home where tensions can rise in an instant.

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