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Big Brother Naija All Stars: “I stood up for Ilebaye but she turned against me” – Alex painfully tells Cross

Alex Unusual, a BBNaija All Stars housemate, painfully expressed to Cross her dissatisfaction with Ilebaye’s treatment of her.

The Big Brother Naija house is known for its intense dynamics, which frequently lead to tensions and arguments. The most recent argument-related news includes housemates Alex and Ilebaye.


Recently, Alex complained to other housemate Cross about Ilebaye’s allegedly deceptive and provocative actions regarding their deteriorating relationship.

During their talk, Alex explained to Ilebaye why she was becoming increasingly uneasy and dropped clues that perhaps she was staying out of trouble to prevent having regrets outside the home.

She had grievances on a variety of events, such as CeeC’s cosmetics application and Ilebaye’s conduct during Sunday’s eviction of Doyin.

Ilebaye’s behavior during Doyin’s departure from the BBNaija house seems to be one of the sources of tension.


Alex claimed that Ilebaye’s actions and words made her feel offended and disheartened and caused her to doubt the sincerity of their friendship. The argument at such a sensitive time in the home strained their relationship even more.

Alex also brought up a different incident involving CeC’s makeup foundation that got out of hand after Ilebaye allegedly damaged it but later denied any involvement.

Read some social media reactions…

@bubuogie had this to say: “This is why Nigeria is where it is…everyone that has ever been close to Bave has complained about her and then we are all applauding her…It’s alright…we will continue to see shege cos this is exactly what is playing out in our govt”

@Queenb0222 had this to say, “JESUS, If Alex could say this about baye. That means baye is actually the problem cus Alex fought almost everyone for baye”

@thestudentconnectv had this to say: “What Ilebaye does to Alex and the housemates doesn’t make sense at all. Lemme bless llebaye with votes so she can change”

@barbiesfy had this to say; “Am glad Alex vindicated ceec dat baye misuse her make up n she doesn’t have d decency to apologise to Ceec n her fans were trolling ceec ( 6  .. Last season she nearly k//ed modella cos she use her aboki Edge control now she did worst”

@laspice_ had this to say, God HAS VINDICATED DOYIN AGAIN. Unna go learn by fire by force …Nigerians and pity vote. As I take learn never to ever carry anybody matters for head again. Eventually, we all learn the hard way”

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