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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Mercy Eke’s spell on Pere

Mercy Eke, one of the finalist, is playing a “dangerous” game with Pere while openly flirting with her.

She began this morning’s efforts with her attire, which included ripped jeans and a striking fur cap.

Pere screamed, “Lambo, is this how you want to destroy my life this week?” as she went by the other residents on her way to the garden. before pursuing her into the yard to discover what prompted this daring choice of attire.

Mercy informed Pere that she was being cautious in her clothing selection because of her mother, but today she made the decision to ignore prudence and give it to them hot.

Cross interrupted the conversation as Pere was admiring Mercy’s appearance, and when she flirted with him for a split second, he too was given a short taste of Mercy’s charm.

Her statement to Pere that “You are going to have me for six days, and Whitemoney is going to have me forever” prompted Cross to respond, “Six days could turn into twelve days, and then it becomes forever.” In the midst of all of this, Pere told Mercy Eke, “I am still your weakness.”

The conversation soon shifted to relationships outside the house as Cross revealed that he couldn’t wait to see Kim. Mercy Eke then suggested that they have a double date: Cross and Kim, She and Whitemoney, and as for Pere, she would link him up with a friend of hers so that he doesn’t feel left out.

If you recall, Mercy Eke shared a kiss with evicted housemate Whitemoney and Pere at a previous pool and grill party that left the other housemates wondering what was at play.

Even in the final week, the entertainment in the All Stars house is still top-notch, and Mercy Eke’s recent flirting game with Pere leaves one wondering if the love triangle hasn’t extended into a polygon between her, Pere, Whitemoney, and her boyfriend outside the house. We can’t wait to see how this wahala resolves itself.

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