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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Social media meets the future in this week’s theme

The Big Brother Naija house is having a social media and futuristic theme this week. The Big Brother Naija All Stars must create, present, and visualize three items that they think might be popular 50 years from now for their wager challenge.

They must imagine futuristic inventions, design them in 3D, and get ready to present them while demonstrating how they will work.

The week’s topic was outlined in a brief that Cross, the Head of House, read in the lounge, which instantly spurred discussion on possible wager challenge ideas.

The Big Brother Naija All Stars housemates huddled around as they discussed concepts for their futuristic creations. They were resolved to think creatively and produce something that would be truly revolutionary.

The concepts discussed were cutting-edge inventions based on current social media trends. Among the concepts discussed were:

Venita’s influencer glasses: According to Venita’s concept, while being worn, the glasses scan the wearer’s surroundings and give them real-time information on anything that is noteworthy, popular, and trending around.

Another aspect of these smart wearables is their capacity to present the user with key statistics about everyone.

Soma’s AI Wardrobe is a box that enables users to enter a wardrobe-like box to snap images and then choose various outfits from a virtual closet.

Based on user choices, the intelligence in the box utilizes algorithms to recommend outfits that are then shared on social media.

Pere’s TV and social media: When tapped, a gadget worn in the user’s eyes produces a screen that is solely visible to them, on which they may watch curated material and access their preferred social media platforms, according to Pere’s proposal.

We are interested to see what the housemates come up with for their wager presentation and how they will employ these cutting-edge technologies in their performance after hearing these ideas.

It will be fascinating to see how imaginatively and perhaps influentially social media and futurism might be combined.

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