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Big Brother Naija: Could Cross be jealous of Sholzy ‘s past with KimOprah?

Sholzy and Cross got into an argument this evening over a meal that Biggie had provided for the housemates, but Sholzy believes that Cross’ behaviour towards him today was not an isolated incident and it might just be because of KimOprah.

Sholzy expressed his frustration to Angel in the garden, stating that Cross’ attitude had been recurring and that Cross had been coming for him for a while.

The argument between Cross and Sholzy began in the dining area, where Sholzy expressed his displeasure with the way Cross addressed him regarding a tasty meal of chicken, rice and other tasty dishes.


Angel, who happened to be a witness, went into the garden a few minutes later to speak to Sholzy, explaining that Cross’ actions were because he was under pressure as Head of House. Sholzy, however, disagreed, saying, “I know when the shade is personal.”

Sholzy’s comment hinted at a deeper conflict between him and Cross, suggesting that this incident was just the tipping point.

Angel listened attentively, realising that there was likely a history of tension and animosity between the two individuals.

As the conversation continued, Sholzy shared instances where he felt targeted by Cross in the past, solidifying his belief that this was not an isolated incident but rather a culmination of their strained relationship.

KimOprah at the centre of it all

While complaining about Cross to Angel, Sholzy also hinted at KimOprah being the reason why Cross was being spiteful towards him.

Sholzy expressed his frustration towards Cross, suggesting that Cross’s behaviour might be fueled by jealousy due to Sholzy’s past relationship with KimOprah.

Despite being the current person in KimOprah’s life, Cross’s affections for her seem to be causing tension between him and Sholzy.

“I don’t care if it is because of Kim,” Sholzy vented to Angel in the garden, emphasising his indifference towards Cross’s motives.

Whatever the case may be, Sholzy made it clear he was not going to be phased by Cross’ actions and would live out the rest of his days in Biggie’s house in peace.

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