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Big Brother Naija: “I was a one-man army in that House from the day Prince left” – Alex

Former Big Brother Naija All Stars participant Amuche Alexandra Asogwa, better known by her stage as Alex Unusual, has referred to herself as a one-man army.

Recall that on Sunday, Alex Unusual was booted off the reality show. She called herself a “one-man army” while living in the house during her first interview following her expulsion, claiming that it was a reflection of her experience there.

She said that real friendship begins outside of the house, she was unable to firmly proclaim anyone in the House to be a friend.


She said, “Friend’, that’s a very strong word to use. Friendship is only determined after the Big Brother show. So, you can’t really tell that friend that you made in there.

“My favourite All-Star housemate, I think everyone. Because I that House, you have times when you fallout with this person, and you’re in good terms with this person. And then tomorrow, you are not in good terms. So, I really don’t have a favourite housemate.

“The dynamics between Pere and I having a good relationship from the beginning and having not so good a relationship in the end, I can’t really say for sure what it was. But just like I said, our wavelength was on different frequencies. Plus, I don’t even know anything that is going yet. So, I can’t even tell who was my friend or who wasn’t my friend. One thing I know is that, I was a one-man army in that House from the day Prince left.”

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