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Big Brother Naija: Let’s take a look at the possible reasons why any of the Top 9 might clinch the All Stars crown. 

The final week of the Big Brother Naija All Stars season is quickly approaching. In light of this, we’d like to look at the top 9 and see what distinguishes them from the competition and makes them potential show winners.

Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates

Adekunle (Bad Boy Deks)

Adekunle, who had just completed the Level Up season, held his own against other housemates who had spent more time in the Biggieverse than he had. But he soon demonstrated his strength. He entered Biggie’s home and won the inaugural Head of House title by showcasing outstanding leadership abilities all week long, giving the All Stars their first wager win.

Ilebaye (Gen Z Baddie)

The Gen Z Baddie from the Level Up season came to Biggie’s house merely to “fan.” She rapidly became a fan favorite due to her independence and contagious enthusiasm.

Ilebaye, although being one of the youngest housemates, is a serious candidate for the title thanks to her interpersonal skills and shrewd strategy.

Mercy Eke ( Queen of Highlights)

Mercy Eke, the Pepper Dem winner and queen of highlights, has consistently attracted new admirers with her charm and wit.

As seen by the fact that she has been a BFF as well as HoH for practically the entire season, even her fellow housemates have been enthralled by her personality.

She has a great possibility of winning season 8 because she already has a large fan base and a lot of power in the All Stars house.

Pere (The General)

The Shine Ya Eye General entered the All Stars home with his flair and unabashed confidence.

Pere’s bold personality has made him a fan favorite via the clashes and strikes.

His clever actions and knack for creating drama have kept spectators interested, and who knows, they might even help him win the competition.

Soma (Baby Boy)

Soma has established a reputation as a dynamic housemate and all-around entertainer since leaving the See Gobe season in week two and making it to the ninth week in the All Stars house.

Both his fellow housemates and the audience love him for his contagious energy and captivating presence.

Soma’s abilities to amuse audiences and adapt to any circumstance have cemented his status as a serious contender in the game.


Venita, who is extremely gifted and clever, dazzled her fellow housemates and viewers with her inventiveness during assignments and wagers, establishing her as special.

Fans who are mesmerized by her charm will always remember her artistic talent and the dramatic events that occurred in Biggie’s home.

Her relationship with Adekunle and this could be the winning combination for the All Stars.

Cross (Cross The Boss)

Cross da boss is often seen by his fellow housemates and viewers as one with an open mind and a charming personality.

This could explain why he was never nominated for eviction in the Shine Ya Eye season and in the All Stars season.

That’s an amazing feat, right? Well, his charm and witty personality might just be all he needs to bag the win.

Ceec (Queen of the Spartans)

Once called a ‘one woman army’ by one of her fellow housemates, Ceec has slayed in Biggie’s house thus far without any specific alliances or obvious gameplay.

This has endeared her to fans who appreciate her independence and strong-willed nature.

Despite not having a clear strategy, Ceec’s unpredictable nature and emotional outbursts have kept viewers on the edge of their seats, making her a captivating housemate to watch and one of the reasons why she might just clinch the crown.


The Gen Z who has been on some real hot girl vibe made a name for herself in the All Stars house as a serious gamer, making moves that left her fellow housemates in awe.

Angel’s gameplay in Biggie’s house has made her a formidable competitor whose abilities have impressed viewers and housemates.

Her Somgel ship also set hearts ablaze and might just be the reason why fans pump in those votes for her every week.