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How the Big Brother Naija All Stars gear up for a possible wager win

After their workouts, the Big Brother Naija All Stars gathered in the lounge to discuss potential wager presentation concepts.

They came up with a list of prospective future social media developments to discuss during their presentation that were in keeping with the subject of the week and the wager challenge.

They discussed their concepts and combined a few of them to come up with fresh concepts for their social media innovation.

For instance, Soma described how the concepts of Ceec’s holograms of distant individuals who might engage with people in real life and his AI-powered photo booth will be combined.

Cross also discussed his concept of AI-enabled glasses that can recognize people and objects just by the user looking at them, merging it with Ceec’s concept of a bot that can generate likes and comments for social media users on their behalf when they don’t have the time to do so.

Ceec and Cross disagreed slightly over how to merge their ideas, though. In order to better comprehend Ceec’s point of view and Venita, who was uncertain of Cross’ thoughts, Cross then spoke with both of them.

The Big Brother Naija All Stars’ attempts to cooperate and find common ground suggest they want to end their stay in Biggie’s home on a positive note.

Cross’ talk with Ceec and Venita demonstrates their eagerness to hear each other out and find common ground.

This open dialogue will probably result in a more successful final product that combines the finest features of both concepts.

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