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“Shame on you Rema, I’m deleting all your songs” Reality star Gifty lays bold accusations at Rema

The Ethiopian authorities recently stirred a lot controversy by cancelling Rema’s highly anticipated performance in their country. This was over concerns on perceived satanic symbolism in the artist’s work.

Now, former Big Brother Naija star Gifty Powers has joined the conversation, publicly accusing Rema of promoting satanism through his music and visuals.

Gifty Powers, took to social media to voice her concerns and allegations against Rema. She revealed that she had conducted her own personal research, which led her to conclude that Rema was indeed promoting satanic themes in his art.


In her own words she says

“To Rema, shame on you. I couldn’t believe it untill researched it myself and found out REMA wore a necklace with a burned church turned upside down, like

The rate at people selling their souls to this idiotic devil eh!! Y’all think hell isn’t real i…ok nahh. All these are for fame and money. SMH

Then watched the video of him and Madonna hugging. I knew he had already joined the 666, As the saying goes “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”…..You just lost a Fan. I’m deleting all your songs from my playlist. Nobody messes with my religion (Christianity)”

Rema's artwork


One itz favzzy had this to say,

“We’re at the end time… the kingdom of God is at hand.. REPENT!!! all this lost sheep saying Christianity is bullshit how long do you tend to be foolish?? Ignorance will not be an excuse on the last day!!! Jesus is the way to eternal life!!! I say again Repent !!!”

One kween_guzman had this to say,

“She didn’t lie, I shame for Rema, Ethopia did well, he sho take his Satanism to a country with no shred of values for the God they serve.”

One jossynme had this to say,

“They do all sorts to become famous. Honestly, I still can’t understand what the Rema boy sings that makes people go crazy. I don’t understand!”

One pos_david01 had this to say,

“Aren’t Suprised tho to be rich and famous una think say na child play this guys do a lot of shit to keep up”

One lushcakesbyjunia had this to say,

“Ignorant people will still come here and rant. I love that country Ethiopia. And i love how Gift came out to defend the church as a Christian”

One curvv322 had this to say,

“funny how they cancelling rema yet those top officials in their government are also part of the illuminati.”

The controversy surrounding Rema’s satanism attack sprouts majorly from his album cover for “Rave & Roses,”. In his album cover there is an upside-down cross in the center. There is also a depictions of burning churches with creepy skeletal figures falling from the sides.

Despite these allegations, his album, Rave & Roses” has soared to great heights in the world of Afrobeat music. The album had managed to secure a spot on the Billboard 200 chart, alongside iconic Nigerian albums like “Made in Lagos.”

The deluxe edition of “Rave & Roses” alone has gotten a staggering one billion streams on Spotify.

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