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Ilebaye respond to the allegation of using diabolic means to win the Big Brother Naija All Stars show.

Numerous disputes have surrounded Ilebaye ‘s victory. The super star celebrity was accused by several bitter fanbase of utilizing a sympathy tactic to win the Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Supporters and housemates expressed their displeasure, claiming she started arguments and feigned ignorance to suggest she was being harassed or bullied.

This time, though, there is proof that Cee-C accused Ilebaye of using Jazz to win.

Christy O was questioned over the claims made by Cee-C during a Pulse interview.

Christy O clarified, “Cee-C was saying that you had cowries that you were talking to.”

The cowries, according to Ilebaye, are unique but not supernatural. She disclosed that the cowries brought to mind her late brother, whom she want to keep in mind as she dealt with the circumstances in the home.

“People always mistake special for mystical”, Ilebaye clarified. She dispelled any allegations that she used jazz to win the show.


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