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Tolanibaj gives an unusual justification for her refusal to marry.

Former Big Brother Naija contestant Tolanibaj has disclosed an odd reason for not wanting to get married.

The reality star claims that she has no desire to be married.

The reality star said she is not considering marriage since she is not convinced that married people are happy in answer to a fan’s Snapchat request to get married soon.

“You need to get married for real!” said a fan who goes by the pseudonym Williams.

Tolanibaj responded, “I’m not convinced that married people are happy.”

Her remarks generated varied reactions, with many criticising her for her remark and others arguing that she was free to express herself.

@Linquah: “If not for child bearing i no go like marry…..I like peace”.

@Realgreatness: That’s her choice leave it for her, most people would have been better, happier, had peace of mind if they never got married.”.

@Ofvieoftoronto: She has a point tho , marriage these days look like heavy responsibilities and duties , together with the rampant divorce occurring. Some don’t even like themselves after a few years . Some are happier when the wife or husband travels for some days .”.

@Bimbolaofficial: She’s not entirely wrong, I love her reply. Wetin concern you if person never marry ??

@Teepha: She is 💯 right. Sis ain’t ready for the hard work part of marriage … you know the 40% love and 60% hardworking/ commitment ish… so she isn’t entirely wrong .period!”.


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