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Angel Experiences Real-Life Horror as she vacations abroad.

How BBNaija’s Angel JB Smith’s private residence transformed from tranquil to terrifying needs to be investigated in depth.

She shared photos of the secluded and serene setting where she spent the day. When it got dark, Angel began to hear unusual noises, creaking sounds behind the door close to her frontage.

It was already dark when she summoned the courage to approach whatever was outside producing that horror-movie-like noise.

She turned on her phone to share live feeds with her admirers in case something horrible happened, so they would know what to do next.

Angel hurried back inside after spending less than a minute outside, telling herself that she was Christian and that whatever was out there didn’t scare her.

The drama was amusing because she went into her room, changed her clothing, and began twerking for the camera and her followers.

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