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Big Brother Naija Doyin declares war on Men who split bills with Women

Former Big Brother Naija All Stars contestant, Doyin David, took to Snapchat to share her thoughts on men who insist on splitting bills with women during dates.

She expressed concern about the current generation of men, noting that they seem less traditional.

Doyin voiced her surprise at the shift in men’s behavior, emphasizing her disappointment in how they no longer take up the responsibility of covering expenses on dates.

In her words, she questioned, “Who will help ladies inform God that the men he sent them have abandoned their duties and now want to split bills with them on a date?”

While Doyin clarified that she has no issue with taking her man on a date and covering the expenses, she emphasized that this applies to an established relationship and not when a man is trying to impress or court her.

In a humorous tone, she highlighted the absurdity of the situation, suggesting it’s akin to being asked to fuel a car or provide transportation fare.

She playfully added, “So I can spank your ass when I walk past, and you respond by calling me daddy, since you want to be a lady. .”

She wrote “Who’s gonna help us women inform the lord that the men he sent as providers have abandoned their duty ooo….now they wanna split bills with us.

You wanna be the man but you still want us to split bills on a date??? Lol

I have no problem taking my man out but not a nigga that’s trying to talk to me. You might aswell ask me to fuel your car or send you tfare na….so I can spank your ass when I walk passand you respond by calling me daddy, since you wanna be a lady. So comical”

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