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Hot tears for shippers as Pere dumps Mercy Eke for mystery lady in Ghana

A video of Pere hanging out with a lady in Ghana has ignited speculation among Percy shippers.
In the video shared online, Pere and the lady were seen holding hands as they entered a fancy restaurant for a date.

This outing has prompted various reactions from Percy shippers. Some are concerned that Pere might be cheating on Mercy Eke, while others see it as a harmless outing with a friend.

The lady in the video even declared on her Snapchat status that Pere has a crush on her.

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Notably, there was some social media commotion recently when Pere revealed on his X account that he wasn’t the one who sent gifts to Mercy Eke.

This raised concerns among shippers, suggesting there might be issues in their relationship. The duo, who became an item just before the reality show ended on October 1, 2023, has remained a topic of discussion among viewers.


Here are some reactions from Percy shippers to the video:

– @unproblematicfan commented: “lol Pere is really deceptive. Only a fool would be surprised. Anyway, it’s what Mercy’s fans deserve for treating Pere like a prize. Expect more drama.”

– @2Mercenary expressed frustration, saying, “You people don’t even try to hide your jealousy and bitterness. So, if Percy is over, you haters will celebrate? Over something that shouldn’t even be your concern in the first place? Get a life, dear.”

– @sinless questioned the assumption that hanging out with someone of the opposite sex automatically means they are dating, stating, “So, just because two people of the opposite sex hang out, they are automatically dating? Our mentality, I tell you.”

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