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“Na your papa” Big Brother Naija’s Angel to fan who questioned her about the sponsor of her lavish vacation

Angel Smith, a BBNaija star, dragged a fan who questioned her about the man who sponsored her recent extravagant vacation.

When a Snapchat user ventured to inquire about the man who was supporting her escape, Angel responded with biting humour.

Angel jokingly changed the emphasis by pointing to the man’s father and advising him to meet with his mother to learn more about her vacation sponsor.

She referred to him as a “broke loser,” which added a furious twist to the joke.

In a violent Snapchat outburst, she revealed her displeasure with guys on the medium.

Her caustic words revealed that she enjoyed talking with women while telling them to focus on their professions, assuming they had any.

Angel also addressed the ongoing slut-shaming and name-calling from guys, which generated even more uproar.

She encouraged her critics to present evidence for the accusations they have leveled against her over the last three years.

The Snapchat drama began a few days after Angel shared a video on social media that went viral, showing off her luxury holiday house, a stunning $8,000 villa where she took time for herself.

The video sparked heated debates on social media, with many wondering where Angel got the money for her lavish vacation, especially given her tumultuous connection with fellow BBNaija contestant Soma.

Angel and Soma

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