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Revenge: Trolls dig out video of Doyin passionately kissing a man.

Days after her sex toy comment, several trolls dug up an old video of Doyin kissing a male housemate during her level-up season.

Doyin made a contentious comment a few days ago during a podcast debate equating the use of sex toys to fulfill oneself with the performance of men in bed.

The consistency of sex toys and vibrators, she claims, cannot be compared to what men do in bed. She explained how males often fatigue during sexual intercourse, which a vibrator prevents.

It appears that Doyin’s remark did not sit well with most guys, so they came out to pull the reality star. In the midst of the drama, some trolls have unearthed an old video of Doyin sharing a passionate kiss with another housemate.

Doyin responded to the old video by re-sharing it on her Snapchat account and stating that no amount of trolls or insults will get to her because it is a waste of time.

See video below:

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