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Fans Beg Big Brother Naija Phyna to stop replying Blessing CEO

Fans of popular Reality TV Star and actress, Josephine Otabor better known as Phyna have taken to social media to plead with her to stop going back and forth with Blessing CEO.

In the past two days, Blessing CEO and Phyna have been going at each other after a hair vendor called out Phyna for not returning a wig she allegedly borrowed from them.

It may seem as though Phyna’s fans are tired of the back and forth between their fave and Blessing CEO and have taken to the social media to endorse a Tiktok video pleading with Phyna to stop replying Blessing.

The lady in the video advised Phyna to pick her fight wisely considering her big break into Nollywood.

She begged Phyna to stop replying to Blessing CEO because she’s not worth any of it.

Furthermore, she advised Phyna to ignore anyone who is not an A-lister that tries to get a reaction from her.

See what Phynation think about the video below

@ujuchristiana1 wrote: “Her management should learn how to write an official letter to clear any negative news about phyna . I expected them to debunk that gist about phyna borrowing wig from a hair vendor but they kept mute”

@Ifysinachi wrote: “Like seriously she needs to pick up now because we’re entering 2024. When i see PHYNA exchange words with that shameless woman Blessing i feel like vomiting 🤮 Phyna is a big star, Phyna is a Big name PHYNA IS A CELEBRITY, PHYNA IS AN ALPHA FEMALE I PRAY SHE LEARN HOW TO IGNORE.”

See video below

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