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“My biggest blessing is being part British” – Uriel

Uriel Oputa, a reality TV personality, shares her pride as a British citizen in response to comedy content creator, OGB Recent’s advice to Nigerians who aren’t wealthy.

According to Media outlet, OGB recently took to the microblogging platform X to declare that sleep should be outlawed for those who do not have a six-figure number in their account.

In response to his statements, Uriel bravely voiced her delight and excitement at being a Nigerian.

Uriel also stated that being partly British is a blessing because Nigerians have a natural tendency to press you until you rethink your ideas.

She went on to discuss how the majority of Nigerians like classifying and categorizing others.
OGB Recent

She also urged Nigerians to travel more in order to enhance their exposure and diversify their perspective, warning them against becoming narrow-minded.

Uriel wrote: “My biggest blessing is being Part British. Some Nigerians will squeeze you until no self belief. They thrive in placing individuals into categories and Stereotypes. You can’t do this because……. Nigeria is one place where potential Billionaires have been subjected into Not following their heads But trends. I will always advise one To travel You are more than you Think.”

While sharing OGB Recent’s statement in another post, she wrote: “My point exactly about Nigeria If you listen to people like you are messed up.”

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