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Between Liema and Jareed, Who’s confusing who?

Is’thembu may be a man’s dream, but it’s proving to be a tough one to maintain in reality for Jareed.

The man’s “wandering eye” keeps landing him in hot water with the ladies he has a keen interest in.

Lawrence’s airing of this dirty laundry at Sunday’s Live Eviction Show laid Jareed’s intentions out in the open and has driven Liema into a state of distrust.

Liema did take time out to voice her fear of trusting him, but he went on to prove that this is a house of games faster than she could spell “trust”. Jareed validated the innocence by having his infamous wandering eye on Mpumi, who has caught it.

The two opened up to each other about their very mutual feelings, with Jareed saying that she was confusing him. Mpumi laid it straight for him by highlighting that she is not the one in between ships, and she is, in fact, confused by his refusal to open up and state his intentions with his chest.

If one thing is sure, Big Brother’s house is a game, and Jareed is a player, even when he might not want to admit it, or at least openly. His M.O. is removing any spec of sus feelings attached to how he moves, and that means providing reassurance that he is genuine in his ways.

His moral conflict, regardless of his operandi, is holding him back. The man had something sitting heavy on his chest, but failed to articulate it, saying that Mpumi knows how he feels. So her question remains: “Who’s confusing who?”

There is no place for confusion in this game and Liema made it clear to Jareed that she is done with their situation, and he ran with it, embarking on a kissing fest with Els, and Mpumi right in front of her.

The social streets gobbled this up, declaring the official start of the games in the house. With the way the pool party afterparty unfolded, Jareed’s game is unlocked. The question now is who’s next?

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