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Big Brother Mzansi: Genesis of Els and Yolanda beef

Nominations on Monday offer an opportunity for housemates to solidify whom they don’t vibe with in the house, or eliminate their competition. For Els, the past nominations saw her nominate Yolanda because “she is very inconsiderate and snatched meat from me.” Her opinion about Yolanda’s inconsiderate nature has been clear.

She vocalised her frustration after Yolanda started singing in the wee hours of the morning when the house was asleep.

Yesterday morning, Yolanda referred to herself as a vuvuzela when Makhekhe called her a loud truck. “A truck is not loud, a vuvuzela is,” Yolanda responded.

Yolanda also nominated Els on because she had never been nominated before, signalling that her choice was strategic and not personal. Or was it? 

Before nominations, housemates were grouped for this week’s wager. After a random selection, Els noticed that she was grouped with Yolanda, Willy, McJunior, and Mich.

She soon asked if anyone could swap with her. Was she perhaps trying to leave because of Yolanda? 

Things soon got heated when Els cosied up on the couch with Willy. Yolanda was quick to place her feet on Willy in an attempt to remove Els, who moved to the side in irritation. “Are you going to put your feet on top of Willy in front of me, Els?”

Yolanda asked. Willy sat quietly as Yolanda asked but did not reciprocate the kiss that Yolanda was going in for after asking Els the question.

As the week progressed, Yolanda asked for a team meeting to address an issue about being called inconsiderate. As her meeting adjourned, Mich loudly confronted Els over an apparent lie she shared about him. Mich followed Els around as he expressed his frustration, and Zee silently removed Els from the situation as she thought Mich had planned his attack. The following day, Mich spoke to Yolanda about a plan to address the issue when they were all eating, and Yolanda advised against it, encouraging him to talk with Els privately. 

Yesterday morning, their garden session took a turn when Yolanda commented on Els’ apparent lack of style and how “Chuenzaaa has better style than you.” Els had commented that the shoes Chuenzaaa was wearing did not go with the outfit after learning that Yolanda suggested them. “It’s not like you’ve got style and stuff,” Yolanda said to Els. Their conversation was already tense as Els briefly locked horns with Chuenzaaa about wanting every guy in the house.

Yolanda also made a joke about how Els and Jareed would make beautiful babies and later asked Jareed why he did not like Els. They played a singing game together based on their mutual love for music. Will it be enough to avoid conflict?

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