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Updated: Big Brother Mzansi housemates stunned by Biggie on Valentine’s day – Video


Biggie is unquestionably a man of surprises, and perhaps even a romantic at heart. If there’s one thing he’s known for, it’s that when he turns up, he puts on a show.

The Housemates, dressed to the nines, were overjoyed to enter the Big Brother Mzansi garden, only to be surprised by a lovely Valentine’s Day-themed setting.

An intimate environment was created by scattering soft cushions over a mound of blankets. Housemates were surprised with a picnic with heart-shaped balloons hanging from the ceiling and love music playing gently in the background. As the HoH, Sis Tamara, read aloud a wonderfully penned message from Biggie to the rest of the Housemates, there were a lot of “oohs and ahhs.”  In Biggie’s note, he reminded the Housemates that love, in all its form, whether romantic or platonic should be celebrated and cherished.

The romantic setting seems to arouse certain emotions. Terry and her boyfriend Vyno have a few kisses. Vyno feigned to propose to Terry by getting down on one knee. We noticed Libo and Mpho seated next to each other, pleasantly speaking, while B.U and Venus exchanged a kiss. There appeared to be tension between Tulz and Thato as well. Tulz was shown giving Thato a foot massage earlier in the episode, and he said, “He’s quite amazing with his hands.” “Please don’t make me do anything I wouldn’t do,” Thato said to Tulz. We see a ship approaching…we see a ship approaching! Those who had not yet boarded ships enjoyed each other’s company. Not a single housemate was left out.

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