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Khafi receives a final warning from the Met Police regarding her Appearance on BBNaija . Read more


The Metropolitan Police have issued a last warning to Big Brother Naija reality TV star Khafilat Kareem, aka Khafi, for appearing on the show without their authorization.

The Met Police officer was subjected to a misconduct hearing in the United Kingdom as a result of her appearance on the show, which the force claimed was “not in the best interests of either her or the Metropolitan Police Service.”

Khafi violated professional norms of behavior in the areas of “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct,” according to the hearing panel.

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After the hearing, she was handed a final written warning, according to Sky News.

Khafi reportedly called one of the Met’s most senior officers hours before appearing on the show, pleading with him to overturn an order prohibiting her from doing so.

Despite the fact that she had been advised not to attend the event, the mother of one went ahead and participated on the Nigerian reality show.

She was claimed to have argued that the show would help “market the Met Police” around the world.

Khafi spent 77 days in the BBNaija house before being evicted, where she met her husband, Gedoni Ekpata.

In 2019, Khafi attended the exhibition and requested an unpaid leave to participate.

The leave was apparently granted, but the Met Police stated Khafi was not authorized to participate in the event during a hearing at the Empress Building in London on Monday.

Khafi, on the other hand, disputed claims of “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct” violations.

The reality TV actress is also claimed to have refuted claims that she failed to register a business interest in the show’s publicity and promotion.

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