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Update on the BBNaija Most anticipated reunion. All you need to know before the reunion.

All BBNaija housemates

We can’t talk about the Big Brother Naija reunion show for the season 6 housemates without mentioning the crucial roles they played in keeping us glued to our televisions. Fans have decided who should receive each award from the Fashonistas, Cruise captian, make up artists, to Best dancers. See how it all went down below.

Cruise Captain

Angel is the winner of the Cruise Captain category, having done everything from jumping ships to being called “King of Cruise” by Cross. We suppose love and shipping aren’t always the ultimate end goals, but we’re here for this Cruise Mistress when it comes to living in the moment.

Most Unrestrained

The most free-spirited individuals Cross is the winner in this category, according to your votes, because he has an easygoing personality, a mood that spreads across the House, and a laid-back attitude to life. We think his attitude toward life in Biggie’s House provided us with a lot of enjoyment, and we admire how laid-back he was with his Housemates. Cross Da Boss provided us with some of the most memorable moments.

King of the Ship

While it was a close call for Emmanuel, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Season’s Ship King. His ship, which he shared with Liquorose, was one of the last ships to arrive at the Finale. Our favorite memory from this trip is Liquorose’s Secret Task, which resulted in a lovely dinner date in the Executive Lounge for the two of them.

Dancer of the Year

This Housemate made sure to turn it into her personal dance floor every time Boomplay Music dropped a few bars, whether it was to wake up the Housemates on an average day, to the Jacuzzi Party, or to the Party Room on a Saturday Night. Liquorose is the winner! Despite the fact that she was unable to teach Emmanuel how to move like her, many of us expected that, if this ship makes it outside of the BBNaija House, a lot more ‘couple goals’ videos from the two would emerge, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 


Foodie in the House

Her energy levels around the house are roughly in line with the amount of food she consumes. Nini has won the Foodie in the House Award, and we congratulate her. Her feisty disposition explains why she was so fond of food. However, we’re curious as to which comes first for her: Saga or food.


President drinker

You dubbed him the House’s booze aficionado because he enjoys his drinks. Pere, you have won the position of President Drinker of Shine Ya Eye.   When Pere returned to Biggie’s House, he handed Whitemoney his hidden supply of booze. Well, thanks to Pere, who demonstrated he was the genuine deal when it came to having a good time, the Housemates were able to have a few beers for the remainder of the week.

Most Fashionable

From her wild and daring hairstyles to her gorgeous and lavish clothes, this Shine Ya Eye lady has created show-stopping fashion statements. Liquorose agrees with you that she is the style icon we all adore. Queen, won the award for Most Stylish Housemate. What distinguishes Queen is that she can have an ordinary day at the House and still look glamorous and extravagant with her stunning hairpiece, bomb lipstick, and body-hugging outfit that enhances her shape. 

Most loyal

Meet Saga, the Most Loyal Award winner. While he and Nini were inseparable, we admired the way he looked after her. We watched how he unraveled without Nini, whatever their “relationship” was like before she left the House. It may appear that his love for Nini superseded many other considerations in the House. 

Funniest Housemate 

We appreciate people who can always toss a few jokes to lighten the mood, but Whitemoney had it all, from strange jingles to hilarious stories. Mazi, congratulations on earning this prize. We enjoyed every minute of it because you made us laugh and delighted us.

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