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‘I never said I paid $100,000 for my AMVCA dress, Nigerians are illiterates’ – Ifuennada makes U-turn, blast Nigerians.

‘I never said I paid $100,000 for my Amvca dress, Nigerians are illiterates’ – Ifuennada blows hot, makes U-turn

Ifu Ennada, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has reversed her position after claiming her controversial attire cost her more than N5 million at the African Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA).

Ifu Ennada, who was fashioned by Tiannahplacempire’s Toyin Lawani, said that her black skull-filled gown costs $ 1000. (almost 5m).
The garment sparked a lot of discussion online, with some saying she’s about to smash the internet.
After much condemnations from fans, Ifuennada made a change of mind and said otherwise.
“Big Brother Naija Housemate,  I Now Know Why Lots Of Nigerians Failed Waec & Jamb Multiple Times. – They lack comprehension of the English language. My entire look is worth over 100k USD”  & “I paid over 100k USD for my entire look”These 2 sentences are clear as day light with a burning Sun and definitely have different meanings, but Nigerians already filled with vile temper from many personal disappointments in their lives and h8te for my  #AMVCA Look gave the same meaning to these very distinct sentences.”
“Perhaps, it’s because I said if you don’t have up to 10K USD in your acct you shouldn’t comment on my AMVCA Look. 🤣🤣🤣Ya’ll expect me to go not br0ke sh@me H8ters who have no problem furnishing my comment section with unsolicited insults? Una never see anything.”
 “Yo! I stand on what I wrote about the value of my #AMVCA2022 look – An Avant Garde dress fit to be displayed in an International Museum for all to see.If you ever doubted the value of my Look, reaching out to @tiannahsplacempire was/is the simplest thing to do.To the blogs with misleading captions especially the embarrassingly ignorant @pulsenigeria247 Editor who wrote mighty cr@p about me, you outta  be @sh*med of yourselves.”
“Ya’ll thrive on the ignorance of most Nigerians and their love for not reading with the intention to understand. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I WRITE, BUT I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU CHOOSE TO UNDERSTAND IT….and with these few points of mine, I hope you now understand why most Nigerians Failed Waec & Jamb Multiple Times. I am very aware some of you will still troll me after reading this, so have a go at it already. …and I’ve never at any time said I make 5MillionADay, the video of what I said is on my page and on YouTube for all to see, but most of you bring this up all the time in a desperate attempt to call me a Liar, so at this point Ya’ll can start writing that I make 50 Million A Day – Not Even 5MillionADay sef.Love & Light,” she wrote.

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