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Shine ya eye Reunion updates: What the top 6 housemates told Big Brother.


For the last time this season, the final six had their last Diary Sessions with Biggie.

It was the final day of the Shine Ya Eye season, and Emmanuel, Angel, Liquorose, Pere, Cross, and Whitemoney spoke with Biggie about how they were feeling, how prepared they are to face the outside world, and how their final week in the House went.

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Below is a quick recap.

Top 6: Emmanuel

Emmanuel explained how the Big Brother Naija experience has changed him in many positive ways, including how to improve his patience levels, learn how to work in groups, and respect people’s viewpoints, in his Diary Session with Biggie. Looking forward to life beyond the White House, he expressed excitement about the growth of his businesses, deals, endorsements, and meeting mentors and individuals who will help him succeed.

His parting words to Biggie were gratitude for always encouraging him and being a strong support system in the House.

Top 6: Angel

When asked how she was feeling, Angel expressed happiness while also expressing nostalgia, noting that she was already missing the House, Tasks, and activities. “I’m looking forward to life outside the House because seeing the Evicted Housemates last night reminded me of how much I’ve missed it.” She expressed her excitement about leaving the House, saying that it has reformed her and that she will be a different person when she leaves, especially because it has developed her tolerance, resilience, belief in herself, and strength. She expressed her fear of what people may say about her outdoors and expressed her inability to face it.

The resident ‘Encourage’ minister ended by asking Biggie how to pronounce the word’schedule,’ if he believes she can navigate the outside world, and thanking Big Brother for the entire experience, as well as for always coming through with delicious food, beautiful words, and fantastic advise.

Top 6 Liquorose:

She expressed her excitement, accomplishment, and nervousness about tonight to Biggie. When asked if she’s ready for life beyond the House, she said she’s not sure she is because she doesn’t know how people will react to her, but she’s ready to face whatever comes her way. The last week was fantastic, especially with all of the food, Independence Day celebrations, winning the Darling Hair Task for 4.5 million Naira, and Pere and Angel joining the finalists’ table. She went on to tell Biggie that the Big Brother Naija experience taught her to be confident in herself and to quit second-guessing herself, as well as to pay attention to detail. It has also put her to the test.

She went on to thank him for believing in her and wished her a pleasant stay, to which Biggie responded by giving her a perfect score of 100/10 as his House guest.

Top 6: Pere

The resident General expressed his excitement and nervousness about tonight, claiming that the last week was the finest week in the House for him, with plenty of food, wonderful Tasks, and great House synergy. He went on to say that he’d been psychologically preparing himself for the outside world and that he’s now ready to face it. His time in the House has been a rollercoaster trip, but one that has been thrilling and worthwhile in the end. It has also taught him patience, not to judge a book by its cover, that compassion is the best way to repay others, and that forgiveness is priceless. He’s most excited to reconnect with his girlfriend and best pals, as well as interact with his followers.

He expressed his gratitude to Biggie for the opportunity to experience the House in his farewell remarks to him.

Top 6: Cross

Cross is looking forward to seeing what the outer world has to offer tonight. He’s mostly looking forward to getting his phone back, seeing his mother and the rest of his family and friends, and keeping up with the world outside the House. His final week was initially lonely, until he ran into Angel and Pere in the House. When asked about his impressions of the season, he stated that the House has taught him to be stronger, more patient, to choose his words carefully before reacting, and to communicate more effectively, among other things.

Cross’ final words to Biggie were similar to those of the other finalists, in that he thanked Big Brother for everything, especially for altering his life for the better.

Top 6: Whitemoney

“It may appear as though your House has brought out the best in me,” Whitemoney replied when Big Brother asked ‘Mazi’ about his experience. He went on to say that the Tasks have taught him a lot, that everything in Biggie’s house is important to him, and that his experience cannot be measured. When Biggie asked if he was ready for the outside world, he said he was, but he wasn’t sure if the outside world was ready for Whitemoney 2.0.

His parting words to Biggie were prayers and good wishes for him and the rest of the production team, to which Biggie responded that his generosity would not be forgotten.

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