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BBNaijaS7 Day 1: “Women Can Also Be Polygamous” – Beauty Argues As She Narrates How She Cheated On Her Boyfriend And Confessed


BBNaija: "Women Can Also Be Polygamous" - Beauty Argues As She Narrates How She Cheated On Her Boyfriend And Confessed

The BBNaija housemates have only been in the new home for 24 hours, and already we are receiving the content we agreed to.

New level up housemates Beauty, Amaka, Cyph, Kess, and a few more people were seen talking early on Sunday morning.

The male polygamy of males and how men cannot stay with women who have cheated on them were topics of discussion among the housemates.

Beauty questioned why it was acceptable for men to cheat but not women in defense of women.

She pointed out that some women are polygamous, in addition to some men.

Men do not recover from being cheated on, said Cyph.

Beauty explained how she previously strayed on her partner and he completely forgiven her in an effort to disprove his assertion.

She continued by saying that because of the incident, he started to pay more attention to her.

Others in the house found it difficult to accept because they maintained that the man never moved on.

Amaka, who jumped into the chat in the middle, agreed that Beauty’s ex-boyfriend would always have it in mind.

A highly opinionated-looking beauty stood by her views vehemently and never faltered.

The chats went on until Biggie’s voice abruptly brought them back to reality by announcing the arrival of hot water.

The fact that the roommates were unaware that they had spent the entire night gisting was evident from Amaka’s amusing response.

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