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BBNaijaS7 Day 3: Chichi and Bella give us the first fight of the season.

Day 2: Chichi and Bella give us the first fight of the season! – BBNaija

The vawulence is beginning early in the Big Brother Level Up House, not in the Level 2 House as many of you had expected on social media, family.

After receiving their task brief this afternoon, some of the Level 1 housemates went outside to get some fresh air and relax on the daybeds before starting to work in their various groups.

Everything was going smoothly until Chichi and Bella, two Housemates who both take pleasure in speaking their thoughts and not holding back, got into a violent dispute over the Task and how it should be carried out.

Chichi expressed her displeasure with the Task pairings, which sparked the argument. Bella responded by informing the woman that she ought to have spoken her concerns earlier rather than waiting until now. Everyone watched as the ladies fought among themselves with loud voices (and laughed at a point). Don’t shout at me like a market woman, Chichi cried as the argument erupted. Try crack before you try me,” Bella said, “That one no entry.” Ladies, oh, my!

Missing it? Watch video here

Later, when the Houses first gathered during the Head of House Challenge in the Arena, Chichi spilt the beans and told Phyna about her and Bella’s spat.
Have you missed the season’s first task Brief? You can catch up below, no worries:
The Task:
In honor of “Show Us Your Talent” week, Big Brother has given the Housemates the task of putting on standout performances for the Talent Show. We instructed the residents to separate into four-person groups. On Friday at the Task Presentation, each group is expected to present talents that enhance one another. They are required to perform concurrently while showcasing various talents.
Although the Housemates have not yet begun practicing, are they already fighting? Should we prepare for more irritated behavior? Will Bella and Chichi go past this, too?

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