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Day 1 on BBNaija Season 7: See As Things Went Down in the “Level Up” House.


Day 1: Acquaintances were built – BBNaija

Housemates are caught off guard by excitement as they remain up all night.

After Big Brother formally greeted our first group of housemates, they set about choosing their mattresses and closets. Naturally, the ladies first took a quick tour of Biggie’s home to admire the furnishings.

The Housemates continued to get to know one another shortly after, still in awe of having been selected to live in Biggie’s House for this season. In the dining area, Amaka, Cyph, and Khalid began to gravitate toward one another and engage in a lengthy discussion on the dating scene.

The conversation between the three in the dining room changed to a serious tone when they were reminded of Ebuka’s query from the Live Show yesterday. Cyph was heard urging his fellow Housemates, “you shouldn’t disregard the red signs,” as if he has been considering the “love at first sight” dilemma ever since entering the House. Amaka appeared to be in complete agreement with this statement.

The former beauty queen soon welcomed Beauty, Phyna, and Daniella to the chat in the dining area when she claimed that she is still friends with all of her ex-lovers. When the Housemates Amaka, Cyph, Khalid, Beauty, Daniella, and Phyna began playing the “Never-have-I-ever game,” things became hot and heavy.

When Phyna compared everyone to Mercy Johnson from the Nollywood film Dumebi Goes to School, everyone laughed as soon as they understood the comparison, which helped to lighten the otherwise hot debate.

Bryann came to Daniella’s aid as he attempted to calm her down after Beauty and Daniella rapidly got into a verbal spat. Daniella was obviously angry and had made the decision to call it a night when Amaka decided to check on her. She gave her some advice on how to handle the circumstance and cautioned her not to allow anyone approach her.

The remaining Housemates continued their chat, which took on several tangents ranging from their impressions of one another to the double standards that exist in society today.

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