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‘Don’t worry about me, I have a man in my life and he’s not a village man’ – Ifuennada says as she shares more risqué photo


‘Don’t worry about me, I have a man in my life and he’s not a village man’ – Ifuennada says as she shares more risqué photo

Iheme Faith Uloma, also known as Ifu Ennada, a former housemate on Big Brother Naija, has urged her followers to get cozy so they can see her inner beauty in front of her upcoming birthday.

The contentious Reality Show actress announced this via her verified Instagram profile, where she posted a suggestive selfie and further said that she is already dating a man who accepts and loves her for who she is.

Up till my birthday on July 23. Rihanna does pass as such and is a self-made US billionaire. People like her inspire me. I can’t admire those who are inferior to me or equal to me. Those who understand it do so.

“Your insults and narrative of me do not define me; “Ashewo, Strong Yansh, “see as you be like man”, Midget, Transgender, etc.” – I know who I am.  To those who feel disappointed because the person I was in BBNaija has evolved, please understand that my participation in Big Brother was over 4yrs ago. It’d be a shame if I remained stagnant. Change is constant…if this is not the sort of change you anticipated, hold on to the parts of me you love and focus on them. To those worried that no man will want to date or marry me. First of all I am not defined by my relationship status or my involvement with the opposite sex.

Secondly, I have a kind man who loves and supports me, he’s not a village man, he’s seen the world and he definitely understands,’

she wrote.

Before that, Ifuennada, who had previously stated that the whole cost of her attire for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award was close to N5 million, had changed her mind.

Ifu Ennada, whose black skull-filled outfit was fashioned by Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire, stated that it cost $1,000. (almost 5m).

Due to the appearance of her attire, several social media trolls are accusing her of being diabolical and donning a demonic dress.

Ifuennada reacted to that by pleading with them to stop calling her names because she is a born-again Christian.

“I am born again, I have a whole Bible App i used to study the word of God steady. Please stop this narrative of me being devilish because of my Amvca look. I am a child of God. It is all fashion,” she wrote

She continued,

“Nigerians are saying that I am devilish because of my Amvca dress. Please stop it is an unconventional Fashion. Avant Garde but Nothing devilish about my dress or me. Please stop this. Recall that Ifuennada had bragged that her entire look was worth over N5m.

“My entire look is worth over 100k USD… Yes you read that right! So if you don’t have a minimum of 10k USD in a domiciliary acct, you have no right to speak on my Look. Basically, stay away from criticising my outfit if you’re a broke a$s,”

she had written.

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