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‘Men are threatened by successful women’ – BBNaija’s Dorathy and Tacha strongly believes


‘Men are very controlling and insecure, they’re threatened by successful women’ – BBNaija’s Dorathy and Tacha opine

Tacha, a former Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality TV celebrity, and Dorathy, a colleague from the Lockdown edition, have stated that men are dominating and that strong, independent women pose an equal threat to them.

This claim was made at the Blackbox Roundtable Conversations with television host and former Big Brother Naija season 1 contestant Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and other female BBNaija contestants.

In her own words, Dorathy stated that she finds men to be highly domineering. According to Dorathy, males want to terrify women, such as a gentle, outgoing lady who will depend on them for resources like money or other things.

Men are very controlling, stated Dorathy. I can say this because I’ve done it. Men prefer controlling women. They will intimidate you once they see that you are organized and know what you want to do.

They want a soft girl. Girl who will come to them like, ‘oh baby I want to make my hair, give me 10k, 1k, 2k’. They hate that you don’t come to them”.

Alex, who sits behind Bisola, said, “I feel like any girl who has gone to Big Brother and come out and can still post on social media, the show has a way of making you look very strong,” as Bisola joked in the middle of Darothy’s statement that she’s not seeing any man come to her even though she’s 36 years old and working hard for herself. even more powerful than you.

“This is because, you look at the trollings and even if you go to Big Brother and everyday you wake up you do the sign of the cross, people will still troll you for that.

“So, there are people that this show has … There’s nobody here that doesn’t look like a strong woman”. Bisola cut Alex short and exclaimed, “I’m not strong!”

Tacha then voiced her opinion, saying she thought some men were threatened by strong women with unique personalities.

Tacha added that a hardworking woman would frequently avoid marriage due to the behavior of males, raising the perplexing question of whether marriage is important.

Tacha expressed her own opinion, stating, “I believe some men feel threatened by strong women. People frequently check to see if you are powerful and competent in your field. They feel intimidated because you have the right personality, you are the “it” girl, etc.

There is also the matter of whether marriage is significant. The girl who responded, “Marriage is great,” said. Tacha continued, “It’s different. Individual differences is the phrase.

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