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BBNaijaS7 Day 10: Your problem is knowing how and when to express – Beauty to Bryann


Your problem is knowing how and when to express – Beauty to Bryann

Beauty, Bryann, and the other Level Up Housemates from Big Brother Naija season 7 have demonstrated that it may take them some time to work things out.

Bryann, who became involved in the disagreement between Beauty and his love interest Groovy on Saturday, attempted to make amends with Beauty the following morning, but it didn’t work out.

Bryann still has problems, Beauty said, with the way he expresses himself regarding others.

She said, “Open up and express. You know what the problem is, knowing how and when to express. I think that’s the issue, because if I’m talking to you as my person and I’m expressing to you about something I’m feeling, or my fears, it’s because I feel like I can talk to you.

“But when you now twist it and make it look like I should do it, then I’m considering if…”… Bryann responds, “No don’t do that”. Beauty said, “I’m doing it already”.

“Why does Cyph feel the need to talk to Groovy, why is Khalid talking to Groovy, why is Amaka talking to Groovy.” Beauty replied, “Because Khalid is my person, you’re my person, Amaka is not my person, I know Amaka got involved”.

Byrann said, “Why does everyone in this House have an opinion about you like that”. Beauty answered, “Everybody has an opinion because from Day 1 you guys have been putting it on our face. From Day 1. Even before I and Groovy started having any conversation in the first place”.

As the both of them continued to argue, Bryann said that if that’s what Beauty has to assume about the situation, they should end the discussion.

Away from the dining table, Beauty entered the room as soon as she got up from her seat.

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