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BBNaijaS7 Day 12: Bryann Reacts As Daniella Tell Him About Her Intimacy With Khalid (VIDEO)


“You Can Do Whatever You Want To Do It Your life & Choice”,- BBNaija’s Bryann To Daniella After Telling Him About Her Int!m@cy With Khalid (VIDEO)

Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemate, Daniella, has at long last confided in Bryann, a friend from Day 1, about her growing intimacy and affection to Khalid.

Reminisces about how the two housemates got along well at the start of the program, but Bryann is so focused that she doesn’t want any distractions.

Bryann afterwards informed Daniella that she is cheap and simple to obtain since she was unable to control her emotions and turned to Khalid.

Before she had her first sex with Khalid a few days ago, Bryann opened up about how he feels about her and expressed regret for not paying more attention to her. This week, he pledged to talk to her more and pay closer attention to her. But she continued nonetheless.

This later became popular since the same night she had this same talk with Bryann, she found herself in Khalid’s bed.

She confronted him and told him the truth before she left him in suspense after the two housemates confessed their love for one another in a secret journal session with Biggie a few hours ago.

The two housemates are having a heart-to-heart when Daniella admits to Bryann that she is dating Khalid. Bryann informs Daniella that she may do anything she wants with that decision.

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