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BBNaijaS7 Day 12: I can’t do what they’re doing here – Doyin refers to Sheggz and Bella

I can’t do what they’re doing here – Doyin refers to Sheggz and Bella

Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate and reality television star, Doyinsola David, better referred to as Doyin has declared that she would not follow Sheggz and Bella’s example in the Biggie’s House.

This was said by Doyin to Deji, one of the two fictitious Housemates, during their talk.

Deji had already assured Doyin that if he were Sheggz, he would give Bella some room to mingle and converse with other men in the House.

He said that he would only spend time with Bella today and tomorrow, after which he would let her mingle with the other male Housemates tomorrow.

“To me, it’ll be like, spend time, tomorrow spend time, and next tomorrow I’ll just be like yo, go and talk to other guys,” Deji said.

Doyin then enquired as to how he intended to survive the entire day without speaking to Bella. Deji also said that he would undoubtedly ask Bella things like, “Have you eaten?”

Doyin said, “The whole day? As in you’ll not even talk to her at all?” Deji replied, “No, of course I’ll ask questions like have you eaten, but to sit down, no”.

Doyin continued by claiming that even though she personally can’t handle what Deji is saying, she wouldn’t be too dependent like Sheggz and Bella are in the Biggie’s House.

“That’s for you. For me what you’re describing is like the exact opposite. Like that day of not speaking, I’m like, what?”, Doyin said. Deji asked, “Are you people married?”

Doyin replied, “No, I don’t mean that…. Even me I cannot do it. Like, I cannot do what Sheggz and Bella are doing here. I would have gotten tired. But, it doesn’t mean that the whole day all you’ll do is ask, have you eaten and all that.

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