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BBNaijaS7 Day 13: Level 1 Housemates win week two Wager task, earn 1,500 Pocket Naira each

BBNaija Level 1 Housemates win week two Wager task, earn 1,500 Pocket Naira each

Biggie has revealed that the Level 1 Housemates from Big Brother Naija season 7’s Level Up House—Hermes, Sheggz, Deji, Bella, Chomzy, Chi Chi, Diana, Dotun, Giddyfia, Eloswag, Allysyn, Adekunle, and Doyin—won the week two Wager assignment.

After the Wager task presentation for the week in the Big Brother arena on Friday, August 5, Level 1 Housemates were declared the champions.

Level 1 Housemates have been given 1,500 Pocket Naira to utilize for House shopping as a prize for winning the Wager task.

The Wager duty for the second week in the House was to create a special sport, as told to Housemates in each Level earlier in the week.

The task started in the arena when Level 1 created the Bum Ball game. Level 2 then came along with its own sport that was comparable to dodgeball.

Biggie evaluated each Level’s performances before announcing the winner.

“Level two, Big Brother commends you for making your own uniform and pong ball. However, your sport is too similar to the Dodge ball to be considered unique.

“Level one. The best part of your presentation is the one area that attracts no mark. (That’s the commentary part). Adekunle, Hermes (the commentators) well-done to both of you.

“Inspite of that, your sport was unique and somewhat entertaining. Therefore, the winning new sport Level is, Level 1.

“Level one, you have won this week’s Wager. By winning the Wager, each Housemates from Level 1 is rewarded with 1,500 Pocket Naira. The Pocket Naira will be used for House shopping on Saturday”.

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