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BBNaijaS7 Day 18: ‘I really regret that’ – Beauty says, about her words against Groovy (video)


‘I really regret that’ – Beauty says, about her words against Groovy (video)

Beauty Etsanyi Tukura, who was disqualified from Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up and was previously named Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria, has apologized for the insulting remarks she made about her boyfriend Groovy there.

Beauty discussed her experience with Groovy in her post-disqualification interview with BBNaija co-host Victoria Eze, aka Miz Vick.

Beauty acknowledged her guilt for her behavior and added that although she had repented prior to being kicked out of the Level Up House, she still felt bad about the events that had resulted in her exclusion.

Beauty said that she is rooting for Groovy and wishing him well as he plays the BBNaija game with the other surviving Housemates, regardless of what occurred.

Below are the transcripts of Miz Vick and Beauty’s interview exchanges.

Interviewer: “What was it about Groovy that attracted you in the first place?”

“Most of the guys that are there are very calm. So, he was the calmest among them. He does this thing that he’ll just look straight in my eyes. And he’s just always looking”.

Interviewer: But it was real for you. That’s for sure. So, coming out, have you seen anything?”

Beauty replied, “I haven’t seen or heard anything yet. I don’t know, may be until I see or hear”.

Interviewer: “But for now, the feelings stay as they are, regardless?”

Beauty answered, “I am not hypocrite. I pray he wins. I wish him well. The only thing I was sad about was I need just to talk, because I fought. I haven’t really cleared the air, but I knew I was coming out. I probably would have just been the one that let go.

“Although I apologized in the morning, but before I left, even before the fight, it was official. But now, I don’t know”.

Interviewer: “What you said about Groovy that shook the whole country, was it you trying to like bruise his ego or you were just busy trying to get back to him?”

“I would apologize for that. I really, really regret that I said that. But it was just something that I take as banter. I regret that I said that, it was really banter”.

On Sunday, August 7, Beauty was abruptly eliminated from the Level Up competition when Big Brother determined that she had broken the house rules.

Biggie claimed that Beauty had been found guilty for the third time of violence, improper behavior, alcohol abuse, and damage to his property.

Violence is a separate subsection of item 18, Prohibited Behavior, in the Big Brother rule book. Big Brother made it very plain in this sub-article that any Housemate who exhibits physical aggression may be removed immediately.

Further issues are highlighted in Article 18 that Housemates need to be aware of. issues include property damage and alcohol abuse.

Beauty received a double strike, which is two strikes plus the one she received in the first week, for violating the house rule against banned behavior, such as violence and causing damage to Big Brother’s property. This gave her a total of three strikes.

And the three strikes in Biggie’s House leads to her immediate disqualification.

See video:

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