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BBNaijaS7 Day 21: “Man don cause kasala for two friends oo” Drama unfolds between Amaka and Phyna, See what causes their Fight (VIDEO)

#BBNaijaS7…Gbas Gbos: Drama unfolds between Amaka and Phyna, See what causes their Fight (VIDEO)

Amaka and Phyna, best friends from BBNaija Season 7 level up Edition, had a minor argument this morning about cleaning the space.

Recall that Amaka and Phyna have been close friends ever since the BBNaija Season 7 Level up Show premiered.

Things have changed drastically between the two pals who have also been snooping on Beauty Tukura since she was kicked off the BBNaija reality program.

After things turn upside down, Amaka and Phyna, who had been planning how to acquire Groovy for Amaka, get mad at one another.

After Phyna disappointed them and did not follow their strategy, Amaka shrugs Phyna off in front of the other housemates. She goes on to say that she had sent Phyna to retrieve Groovy for her, but Phyna had actually taken him for herself.

Amaka was talking to one of her housemates, Chizzy, this morning about what transpired between her and Phyna. She continued by saying that Phyna had been acting strangely following her encounter with Groovy in an effort to make her envious.

Amaka continued by saying that she was never envious of or concerned by her buddy Phyna’s decision to steal and sleep with her crush, Groovy.

She had a brief argument with Phyna about cleaning the house shortly after her conversation with Chizzy, but they eventually worked things out. Groovy, who appears to be the origin of the f!ght, looks on unperturbed from the corner.

Following their little drama, online users came to the conclusion that a guy, not the cleaning area, was to blame for their argument.

See their reactions below;

natty_viv wrote: it’s beyond cleaning😅😅😅

_ife_atu wrote: shey we all know that this f!ght isn’t really about the “cleaning” but oh well😅

thriftwearsbybellz wrote: Man don cause kasala for two friends oo😂😂

Callmesucre wrote: The cleaning ain’t the problem but groovy is

Watch the Video below;

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