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BBNaijaS7 Day 27: Doyin and Eloswag Fights over Task preparations – Video


Day 27: Eloswag and Doyin quarrel over Task preparations – BBNaija

Doyin’s refusal to provide Level 1 Housemates with notes for their debate became a source of dispute.

Rachel pulled Doyin out for going to bed early and not telling her as she was waiting for her in an effort to put the finishing touches on their Weekly Wager Task. The two-time Head of House, Eloswag, was prompted by Rachel’s comment to engage in a verbal altercation on Doyin’s lack of team spirit.

When Sheggz, a member of Level 1’s debating team for the Afrofuturism Task, became ill, Doyin gave her fellow Housemates some push-back, which sparked a heated argument.

It was a race against time to fill in for Sheggz and create a script with specific points for the incumbent debate opponent to deliver.

A request for Doyin to contribute was made, and she said, “It is not my job to came up of anything. I came up with this on my own; no one helped me!”

Doyin was waiting in the lounge so they could work on the argument when Rachel reminded her that the only reason she ended up doing her part alone was because she opted to go to bed last night without even telling her.

Doyin took offense when Eloswag called her out for her lack of team spirit. Eloswag’s charge was swiftly avoided by Doyin, who retorted, “Okay, why are we wasting time by arguing when we can start working on it?” You should have told her yesterday before going to bed, Eloswag added, referring to Rachel. He didn’t want the conversation to end without making his point.

Doyin assured Eloswag that she can sleep whenever she wants and that nobody can stop her from doing so while refusing to give in.

When the fight between the two reached a fever pitch, the other Level 1 Housemates who could hear it intervened to try to put an end to it.

Rachel was trying to explain her side when the volume of Doyin and Eloswag’s voices drowned out her attempts to do so after Chomzy attempted to learn the details of the ongoing argument between them.

Eloswag responded, “Because you are the one who set the rule,” in response to Doyin’s question about why she was singled out for napping. Doyin ignored his statement and argued that she wasn’t the leader.

Stage 1 HoH, Then Eloswag screamed back, “what leader? There is no leader”

See Video Below:

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