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BBNaijaS7 Day 29: Its been back-to-back entertainment this week in the Level Up House, Find out how it all went down.

Its been back-to-back entertainment this week in the Level Up House

23 Housemates have been residing in the Big Brother Naija House as guests, with house divided into two levels for the past four weeks.

The Level 2 housemates started the week by losing Khalid and Ilebaye, who left the house in style following the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show, leaving Level 2 with two fewer Housemates. 

Level 1 Diary Sessions Housemates said they were surprised that Khalid had been Evicted, considering he was a strong contender and a fun guy. Daniella did not take the loss well but soon healed and started mingling. 

After falling short in the Head of House Games on Monday, Level 2 Housemates are once again up for nomination. Groovy, Kess, Amaka, Daniella, and Pharmsavi are all candidates for eviction.

Eloswag won the HoH title once more, but his second had a difficult beginning. He cautioned Chichi to be careful with her tone when chatting with him when he was trying to ration the food after failing last week’s Wager Task.

Eloswag would encounter several conflicts after that one. He was overheard speaking to Doyin in a loud voice about Task preparations. While the rest of the House was getting ready for the Task Presentation, Doyin retired to bed. She received criticism from Eloswag for her lack of teamwork.

Doyin has already received criticism for doing this. Because to her lack of team spirit, Hermes, the former HoH, chose Doyin when Biggie gave him the chance to nominate someone from the Level 1 House. Adekunle has also previously grumbled about the fact that she simply comes to cook food.

Phyna, Amaka, and Groovy Dynamics (Triangle)

After a disagreement over Groovy, Amaka and Phyna were given the chance to mend their relationship. Phyna’s friendship with Groovy made the besties less talkative. His relationship with Phyna has been close, and they occasionally make public displays of affection (PDA). Groovy claimed the PDA is something he often conducts behind closed doors but feels comfortable doing because Phyna is easygoing when speaking about their ship.

Phyna’s week was interesting after she won the Tail of House competition. When Biggie cued the sound, she had to speak in a foreign tongue in keeping with the weekly subject of Afrofuturism. She found communicating difficult and frequently changed between languages and sign language.

Fights (Gbas Gbos)

Adekunle was discovered in the middle of two vawulences this week, which was a first. The week was not without vawulence. He got into a fight with Sheggz, his arch-enemy. Sheggz suspects that Adekunle has been gossiping behind his back about him and has a grudge against him. Adekunle became aggressive as a result of Sheggz calling him “dumb,” and he displayed a hitherto unseen side of himself.

After the House swap, he was discovered bickering with Chichi, who dubbed him a pretender for trying to soothe her. Deji got promoted to Level 2 during this week’s Wager Challenge after successfully completing a Secret Task that Biggie gave him during their diary session. Level 2 won the challenge. 

He was supposed to berate his fellow Housemates and say that Level 2 would make him happier. On Day 27, Biggie asked him in the arena what he would like, and when he replied that he wanted to move to Level 2, it happened. He was replaced on Level 1 by Groovy, and Amaka, Phyna’s best friend, consoled the upset Phyna. It’s great that the two got along again.

Adekunle felt the urge to soothe Chichi since she was upset because Deji had been demoted from Level 1. Chichi expressed her displeasure with the gesture by bringing up a Garden conversation in which Adekunle claimed the Dechi ship would not set sail. Adekunle was offended by being labelled a pretender, and it elicited a response from him.

Saturday Night Party 

As it take place the night after Deji and Groovy were transferred to different Houses. They both left the women (Chichi and Phyna) crying for them but quickly started getting acquainted in their respective Houses. Phyna was seen on top of Deji in the bedroom, and Groovy got a chance to talk to Chomzy.

Diana, on the other hand, was uneasy about the friendship between Giddyfia and Rachel. So it comes as no surprise that she went after Rachel at the party, calling her foul names and implying that she is after Giddyfia. Adekunle and Doyin were the ones attempting to break up the brawl after Giddyfia fully disengaged.

Giddyfia appeared to be spending a lot of time dancing with Amaka, thus it was unfortunate to see Diana appear to be targeting the wrong person. He said that he is not shipping with anyone in the House when asked by Amaka. However, he afterwards went to a furious Diana to try to talk to her and calm her down.

As he kissed his girlfriend Phyna, Groovy was all about the vibes, but afterwards he informed Chomzy that Phyna is “like a mother to me.” Given that Level 1 Housemates live on the barest necessities, it makes plausible that Phyna prepared a meal for him earlier in the day. 

Eloswag was likewise positioned in the family zone by Chomzy, who referred to him as her brother. We are curious as to how she would respond to the truth or dare kiss that she shared with her alleged brother, Eloswag.

Amaka, Daniella, Groovy, Kess, and Pharmsavi are among the candidates for eviction tonight. Who do you anticipate leave tonight?

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