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BBNaijaS7 Day 31: Diana feels betrayed by her former Level 1 Housemates – Videos

Day 31: Diana feels betrayed by her former Level 1 Housemates – BBNaija

When the Houses received their Wager Task Brief this past Monday, Diana thought to herself, “this is my week.” She reflected on this during her one-on-one session with her pre-show roommate, Amaka, today. She shed tears about how the Task has taken a turn for her. According to Diana, Housemates deciding on using Modella’s beauty brand name, SkinDella, sidelines her. The Housemates are to produce self-care products in line with this week’s theme:  care and kindness. 

The Level 2 Housemates brought up Modella’s name and offered that they use it when the Housemates were coming up with ideas for the Task, and everyone agreed. Diana’s attitude when they inquired if she would also like to be in the lead was skeptical. Then, the Housemates went on.

Diana now feels that her former Level 1 Housemates did not support her the way that Modella’s Level 2 Housemates did. Amaka wishes they had addressed Diana’s desire to own a beauty business, even though it is not a product, while she was speaking with them.

Earlier today, Diana spoke to Modella and Allysyn in the Garden and communicated her thoughts on the subject in a trembling voice. After asked about her willingness to engage in the Task when roles were given, Allysyn and Modella believed Diana remained silent.

Amaka and Allysyn urged Diana to accept the Challenge and take the lead in later dialogues. They both believe that she backed off during discussions about the Task. She believes that although she expressed her desire, she required the support of her housemates because they are aware of her passion for beauty.

Diana was urged to start a cosmetics company earlier in the season by her Housemates, especially Allysyn and Eloswag. They believed that because of her lovely skin, she could make a superb face and hand model. She informed them that she intends to enter that industry and open a beauty salon.

This problem increased Diana’s difficulties in the House. Her weekend was an emotional rollercoaster, and the ride’s finish is still far off. Her “thing” with Giddyfia has complicated, particularly in light of the Houses’ merger. She and Rachel got into it during the Saturday Night Party because she believed Rachel was out to get Giddyfia. As Diana and Giddyfia sat on the Garden couch, she called Rachel an idiot.

Watch Diana talk to Amaka about Giddyfia

She was attacked by Chichi as she tried to move on from it. Diana used Deji’s locker when they first moved in together, and Chichi made fun of her for it. Diana sobbed in Eloswag’s arms after the argument, which ended in tears.

Diana dislikes how much crying she has been doing. Amaka counseled her to take on her difficulties head-on.

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