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BBNaijaS7 Day 33: Sheggz and Chizzy fights dirty over food rationing – Video

Day 33: Housemates fight over food rationing – BBNaija

Since the two Levels were combined four days ago, sharing meals among them has proven to be particularly difficult. The number of residents in the House increased from a few in one Level to 21 in the same House. The Housemates have had a lot of trouble cooking for themselves, but today was busy.

Chizzy put himself forward to be in charge of the food problem and to monitor who eats what. He is defending his Level 2 Housemates’ interests as a Level 2 Rider. As a result, Chizzy warned Sheggz not to cook chicken for his bae Bella. Biggie owns the food, according to Sheggz, and nobody should tell him otherwise. Bella continued, that she won’t die of hunger in Biggie’s House. 

Chizzy reminded Sheggz: “You people won Immunity, and we won the wager. Eat immunity.”

Sheggz became angered about this and claimed that Hermes had hidden plantain in the bedroom. Bella agreed, claiming to have seen him leave the room carrying it. Hermes became enraged by this and began ranting in the House. Amaka attempted to calm him down.

Chizzy offers a hypothesis as to why there isn’t enough food in the House. He sees the issue in the House as everyone cooking for their sweetheart. The entire House will run out of food if Sheggz prepares for Bella, Phyna cooks for Groovy, and Chichi cooks for Deji.

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