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BBNaijaS7 Day 34: Allysyn regrets ship with Hermes, may be serving breakfast to Hermes soon.

Day 34: Allysyn regrets ship with Hermes – BBNaija

Hermes and Allysyn appear to be in love, although Allysyn doesn’t seem to share this sentiment since she showed distaste for the ship in a conversation with Daniella.

Allysyn and Hermes were seen kissing and getting in each other’s faces at the Pool Party in the early hours of today. 

Allysyn admitted during that conversation that she didn’t know how the ship began because she was only there to vibe. Allysyn continued by saying things that stunned the audience! She expressed regret about her decision to sail with Hermes and expressed her  “disgusted” feelings for him. 

Why did she believe it was a good idea to fall for a man who had two girlfriends? Both she and I asked this question. Daniella gave her some general advice in this regard, telling her to just enjoy the journey.

Before deciding it was not what she wanted, Allysyn’s first ship in the House was with Adekunle. Allysyn also discussed the Adekunle situation with Daniella, noting that while she was drawn to him for protection, Hermes was the object of her pure devotion.

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