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BBNaijaS7 Day 34: Analysing the Chomzy and Eloswag Situationship. Will Eloswag ever get the green light? – Video

Day 34: Will Eloswag ever get the green light? – BBNaija

The relationship between the first female HoH of the Level Up Season, Chomzy, and the outgoing HoH, Eloswag, is murky. When Big Brother asked Chomzy who she would be sharing her HoH bedroom with, she immediately said Eloswag.

This was not unexpected because earlier that day, Chomzy was styling Eloswag’s hair while he consoled her over Bella’s betrayal about the rumors that were circulating in the House.

Eloswag expressed uncertainty when host Ebuka inquired if he and Chomzy were aboard a ship during the previous Sunday Live Eviction Show. He explained to Ebuka that the robot is currently in the red state while he waits for the green light. What would constitute a “go ahead” for Eloswag is uncertain. Is it not acceptable to accept an invitation to share a luxurious bedroom?

On Day 33. Chomzy inquired, “why,” as Eloswag requested a kiss from her. He didn’t get a response to this query and didn’t get the kiss he had kindly requested. Despite the obvious red signal, Eloswag is continuing to pursue his “girlfriend.”

After the Pool Party, Chomzy and Eloswag had a conversation about his interest in her. In response to his roommate, Chomzy remarked, “I’m OK simply being buddies. Eloswag believes Chomzy is lying about how she feels about him.

Eloswag told Chomzy that he liked her after the first Saturday Night Party, and he brought up that moment when the two of them spoke yesterday.

Reminding him that she had informed her this after kissing Phyna, Chomzy objected. “I didn’t give Phyna a kiss. Phyna gave me a kiss, “Eloswag disagreed. The two are one and the same in Chomzy’s eyes.

Chomzy is not surprised by Eloswag simply being her friend. He denied being in a ship with Eloswag to Groovy when she had the chance to speak with him at the prior Saturday Night Party. Eloswag is like a brother to her, she said Groovy.

Continuing a trend she started at earlier gatherings, Chomzy continued to send signals to Eloswag by dancing exotically on him during the first combined Pool Party last night. 

Eloswag was thrilled and in the best of moods. According to Chomzy, the two are still simply pals and continue to share the HoH bed.

Watch them discuss their situation.

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