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BBNaijaS7 Day 34: Congratulations to the Level Up Housemates as they win their Wager Task for the week. (Video)

Day 34: The care and kindness Task – BBNaija

The Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 7 have just won this week’s wager task. This was promptly announced by Biggie following the Friday Arena Game.

The Level Up Housemates had to make body care products as part of this week’s wager task in order to express their love for themselves.

It makes perfect sense that this week’s theme was “care and kindness” given that the Level Up Housemates are now all living together in the same home.

The former Levels 1 and 2 housemates weren’t all friends because some of them were disgruntled about prior nominations, and the house merger led to new arguments over things like food and lockers. 

They nevertheless put their disagreements aside to produce a fun Task Presentation that involved developing and releasing four skincare products.

The road to putting on a fantastic performance was not an easy one. Throughout the week, there were numerous fights between the Housemates. 

Sheggz and Phyna got into a fight on day 31 because he didn’t like her proposal for the Task.

Diana also broke down and expressed her disappointment that the task was assigned to the Modella brand, despite the fact that the majority of the Housemates are aware of how strongly she feels about the Theme. Allysyn, Amaka, and Modella consoled her.

The Level Up Housemates collaborated with one another during their Task Presentation today. 

The concepts of Diana and Modella were combined to highlight girl power, and their product line was given the moniker “Modi.

“Men were not forgotten either, as Sheggz had the opportunity to display his distinctive body butter.

Other noteworthy Presentation highlights include Daniella’s stage charisma, Giddyfia’s hosting abilities, and Bryann and Groovy’s memorable brand song.

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