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BBNaijaS7 Day 35: Amaka and Doyin gives verdicts on the Level Up ships.


Day 35: Amaka and Doyin say ships will sink – BBNaija

This afternoon, Amaka and Doyin had a lively conversation in the garden. They talked about the ships, the guys in the House, strategy, and stress.

Amaka and Doyin were overheard discussing the men in the House’s maturity when everyone else was in the House conversing or lying in bed. Amaka asserted that the only adult guys she knew were the former Housemates Kess and Pharmsavi, but they both agreed that the majority of the men in the House lacked maturity.

They weren’t the cutest, but they were mature, according to Amaka. Doyin capitalizes on this by saying that her ideal man is mentally sound and well-groomed, with appearances coming in second.

Does this imply that none of the Level Up House’s men they have a crush on are worth it? They surprisingly hold that belief.

Amaka acknowledged that after the season ends, the majority of the ships in the House would crash.

Amaka and Doyin concur that the HMs’ need for companionship to pass the time leads to the emergence of many ships in the House.

Does this imply that Giddyfia is also a distraction? Amaka and Doyin concur that Bella and Sheggz might be the only ship to leave the House, however we are unsure of this.

Amaka had expressed excitement for the union but now wishes she could go back in time. Doyin concurred that since Beauty and Cyph had left the House, it had no benefit for her.

Amaka continued her tirade by lamenting the numerous issues she had been facing and how this week had been among her most trying thus far.

Doyin concurs and remembers how anxious she was the week she told the former Level 1 Housemates to stop beinglittle the former Level 2 Housemates.

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