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BBNaijaS7 Day 36: Chomzy officially end her assumed relationship with Eloswag – See what went wrong (Video).

Day 36: Flashing lights continue to confuse Eloswag – BBNaija

For many, the Saturday Night Party was thrilling, but for Chomzy and Eloswag it ended in prayers, packed bags, the silent treatment, and threats.

Even though Eloswag has all the dance skills, he has had no luck influencing Chomzy. She hasn’t shown any sign of feeling the same way about him, despite his outspokenness.

Every gathering they attend, the two always bring the party, dancing together with matching vigor. Their passionate dance techniques also suggest that they might be on a ship and at ease with one another.

At the Saturday Night Party, Eloswag and Chomzy were the life of the party. The two were accommodating to most of the housemates, dancing with whoever was there but constantly coming back to each other.

The two had some time to converse in the garden after the Saturday Night Party, but it did not go well for them. Eloswag was furious, and Chomzy was attempting to understand why he had packed his bags with the intention to leave their shared HoH Bedroom.

While Chomzy spoke, Eloswag continued to murmur to himself. He never responded to Chomzy’s inquiries. Why did you bother being close to me if you were going to act this way, she questioned? Silence in response to the query encouraged Chomzy to resort to threats. She warned Eloswag that if she remained mute, she would interpret it as their agreement to never talk to one another again, both inside and outside the House. Her mic drop moment was “have a nice life,” but Eloswag still did not react.

Eloswag eventually joined her in bed, but as soon as he woke up, he went to the living room, sat on the couch, and fell asleep once more. Chomzy went to question him why he would leave the bedroom to sleep on the couch although he was still exhausted. It’s nothing serious, said Eloswag.

The two have a lot to discuss and work out, but the misunderstanding persists because the person who advised Eloswag to live a nice life was also the one who struck up a discussion with him the following morning while he was focused with living a nice life.

Watch Chomzy telling Eloswag to live a nice  life:

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